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Raiding days:
Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday from 7:45pm-11:00pm (CET) Server Time.
On Friday/Saturday we hold alt raids and other irregular raids we do not otherwise have time for (these are optional).

We ask all our members for 90% raid participation in our mandatory raids.

Character maximization:
You are expected to maximize your character to the fullest. This includes gems, enchants, buff-food, flasks, potions. Please note that having a playable off-spec/alt is not required but is a great bonus.

75+ traits in your main weapon and having the crucible unlocked is a must for a mythic raider.

Be friendly towards other players in the guild. We expect our members to be helpful to others within Distopia and picking on/flaming other players will not be tolerated. In addition, you need to be able to handle criticism from the leadership when they call out a mistake that you make.
Whining and a bad attitude will not get you anywhere but on the bench. If you have suggestions and/or want to change something then feel free to whisper the leadership.

Computer and Mic:
A good computer and a working microphone is expected from everyone. This includes a stable internet connection. If you don’t meet these requirements we will not consider your application.

Be a team player:
Raiding is just the same as any team sport, if you only think about yourself do not expect to make it in this guild. The team comes before any individual.

Ranks and promotions:
You need to be an active player and have to be performing well during raids to be considered for a promotion. Trial period for an Initiate is generally 2-3 weeks. If you underperform, you will likely be demoted to social. On the other hand, if you stand out and exceed our expectations, you will rise through the ranks faster.
  • Trial - Your task is to perform well during raids, turn up on time and be prepared in terms of consumables and tactics. If you achieve this, you will be promoted to the next rank.
  • Raider - You have successfully become a Raider of our guild, this means that you get access to priority in loot over trials / raid spot.
  • Core raider - You have proven to be a valuable asset to the guild. Not only do you perform to a high standard, you also consistently turn up to raids when expected and on time. You have priority to get into mythic raids.
  • Officers - Officers are only chosen by the GM. The role of an officer is to schedule/organise raids, monitor applications, assign loot distribution, discuss player ranks, plan fight strategies, and look after the general welfare of the guild and its members.
Looting Rules:
Loot distribution is generally given to the player that would receive the biggest upgrade. With that said, we do keep in mind which classes are performing best in the current raid tier in terms of sims and raid statistics to ensure that we prepare ourselves most efficiently for any upcoming progression.

Factors such as good performance, teamwork, good communication, commitment and not failing tactics will also come into consideration and potentially change loot decisions.

Addons Required:
Download RClootcouncil addon.
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